Andrea Hendricks, PhD



 Adults dealing with
                        - Weight issues                        - Chronic Pain
                       - Medical illness                        - Life Transitions
                       - Anxiety                                    - Depression
                       - Mommy stress                        - Communicating with adolescents
                       - Work/life balance                   - Managing Child Behavior
                       -Couples Counseling                 - Pre-marital and pre-baby counseling.
                       - Post partum/baby blues management and prevention
                       - Pre-marital and pre-baby counseling.


Adolescents dealing with
                        - Communicating with parents          - Body image issues
                        - Healthy eating                                    - Peer issues
                        - Life transitions                                   - College decisions
                        - Anxiety                                                - identity issues

Corporate Workshops
I offer one session psycho-education, and multi-session group therapy in weight management and stress management in corporate settings.


Sessions range from 50 minutes to 2 hours. A 50 minute session is $150 on week days before 5pm and $160 on weekdays after 5pm or on Sundays.

I do not accept insurance, although some of my clients choose to submit claims to their insurance companies and are partially reimbursed. Private pay allows me to maintain the highest level of confidentiality for my clients. It also allows me to maintain a smaller client load and therefore a more flexible schedule for my clients busy lives.